Ceres owns, operates, and maintains one of the largest inventories of disaster recovery equipment in the United States.

We currently have more than 500 pieces of equipment, including tub and horizontal grinders, excavators of various sizes, loaders, bulldozers, custom-built knuckleboom self-loading trucks and numerous other pieces of support equipment.

Connected Around the World

In addition to our own inventory of equipment, Ceres enjoys long-established working relationships with subcontract firms throughout the United States and its territories. These relationships provide us with the ability to rapidly expand and contract our equipment and personnel needs based on the specific requirements of each given project. We have rapid access to thousands of pieces of additional equipment, including debris handling and reduction equipment, hauling vehicles, bucket trucks, cranes, and other specialized and heavy equipment.

Mobile Command Centers

Our own personnel custom build mobile office units which are then shipped throughout the United States and overseas, providing project management and control capabilities in austere environments. Mobile Command Centers are also designed and outfitted specifically for disaster recovery response missions and are complete self-supporting units. These mobile stations are designed with generators and backup fueling systems to provide heat, cooling, and power, communication systems (digital and satellite), computer systems, video systems with uplink capabilities, emergency safety supplies, water, emergency food rations, and other support equipment necessary for the initial phase of a response mission.

Global-Positioning Guidance Systems

Integration of a global-positioning guidance system into equipment used for construction of critical aspects of specific projects. These capabilities, coupled with CAD systems, reduce human error and improve productivity when making earthen cuts, developing sloped systems and performing similar tasks reliant on survey points and design drawings.

Automated Debris Management System

The Automated Debris Management System is another new technological change currently being integrated to replace the “old” method of paper tickets for tracking debris generated on disaster recovery missions. The automated system uses computerized field technologies to electronically track load generation information.

Some of our specialized equipment includes:

  • Self-Loading Debris Trucks
  • GPS Equipped Heavy Equipment (Dozers/Motorgraders)
  • Mobile, Hurricane Proof Command Centers
  • Ticket Tracker IT System
  • Satellite Communications
  • Debris Monitoring Stations
  • Side Dump Trucks
  • Live Bottom/Walking Floor Trailers
  • Beach Cleaners
  • Specialized Watercraft for Debris Removal
  • Demolition Equipment:
    • CAT 385 Ultra High Reach Demolition Excavator
    • Labounty MSD100R 21000 Pound Demo Shear
    • CAT MP20 Processor
    • Genesis GPD900R Shear
    • RexWorks Megagrinder
    • Horizontal and Tub Grinders (CBI, Diamond Z)
    • Rubble Master Concrete Crusher
    • Sandvik Concrete Crusher
    • Powerscreen Warrior 1800 Screening System
    • Air curtain burners
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