We Are an Industry Leader.

Ceres was founded as a tree service company in 1976 during a severe beetle infestation. During the crisis, founder David McIntyre identified the need to provide safe, cost-efficient removal of the affected trees while simultaneously inventing and implementing practices to minimize environmental impact. Investing significantly in heavy equipment including massive wood grinders and screens, Ceres quickly emerged as an industry leader in developing innovative recycling techniques to create valuable mulches, composts, and soils from wood waste.

A Decade of Growth & Expansion
In the early 1980s, the company diversified into civil construction. Working initially with local municipalities and eventually the Federal government, Ceres developed capabilities in demolition, levees and flood control as well as road, bridge, park and wetland construction. During the 1990s, we executed hundreds of environmental contracts to remove leaking underground storage tanks throughout the nation.


Disaster after Disaster
In 1992, Hurricane Andrew wrought destruction on Florida and Ceres responded bringing its debris management expertise to a newly-forming disaster recovery industry. Over the years, Ceres has become a key industry leader with extensive service capabilities and geographic reach. Along with a billion dollar contract after Hurricane Katrina (later rated "Outstanding" by the Army Corps of Engineers), the company has also participated in more than 100 federally-funded contracts.


The Future
Our professionals continue to look for innovative ways to serve our clients. Complimenting our civil construction experience, Ceres has expanded to New Zealand to assist after the devastating earthquake of February 2011. Our expert teams are providing design/build seismic stabilization as well as development and financing services for rebuilding projects there.

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